Pricing to Suit Your Practice’s Needs

Noteable believes in transparent partner relationships. This means no hidden fees, no long-term obligations. We keep our pricing simple so you will never be surprised by your bill. And you’re never locked into a long-term contract.

Noteable is not ideal for independent practitioners or single-therapist outpatient practices.

The Noteable Behavioral Service Platform

Access to the full platform is priced per user, per month, at a graduating rate. For ABA providers, the data collection and analysis tools are included at no additional cost. ABA provider just looking for data collection and analysis? See below.

UsersCost Per User

*The first 10 users are included in the base price of $500.00


Integrated Faxing

$25 per month for up to 250 pages


$9 per licensed user per month

The Noteable ABA Data Suite

If you provide ABA services and just need data collection and analysis, the standalone data suite is priced per-client, per-month at a flat rate. The base price of $240.00 per month covers your first 20 clients.


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What Makes Noteable Better?

Backed by experience, our team of experts understand your role as a care provider. We get you. And we created Noteable to simplify behavioral health practice management using real-world insight. You can try it free for 3 weeks after attending a demo!

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